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Empowering people to attain and maintain extraordinary health & longevity in their avian charges by offering the finest products through its website. To improve the knowledge base of bird fanciers and caretakers through publications that inform, educate and assist them in the improvement of future generations of wild, domestic and captive birds with professionalism and creativity.


NBD's vision is to continually do the research necessary in order to make available the finest products on the market that when applied, achieve optimum health and insure future generations of improved wild, domestic and captive birds.


National Bird Designs, Inc. is committed to superior avian health and breed improvement that is...

·   Equitable for all people who have, care for, breed, and/or administer to wild or domestic birds;

·   Centered on all wild, domestic & captive birds within the context of family, community, nature and the fancy;

·   Based on science, technology, advanced Microbiology and best available evidence

·   Supported by lifelong professional learning; and

·   Grounded in respect and compassion for all people with a love for birds

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1: Advocacy - Shape avian health care policy through interactions with the public, business, avian health care professionals, zoo curators, importers, breeders, hobbyists and pet owners.

Objective 2: Practice Enhancement - Enhance veterinarian and avian health care professionals’ abilities to fulfill their practice and career goals while maintaining balance and improvement in the health of their avian patients.

Objective 3: Education - Promote high-quality, innovative education for veterinarians, zoo curators, importers, breeders, hobbyists and pet owners that encompasses the art, science, evidence, research and experience.

Objective 4: Health of Wild & Domestic Birds - Assume a leadership role in holistic health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic disease management using natural processes and products.

Objective 5: Communications - Promote the unique role and value of veterinary medicine, bird clubs & organizations, natural health products and avian publications to the public, business, government, avian health care professionals, zoo curators, importers, breeders, hobbyists and pet owners.
Objective 6: Outreach - Further the development & distribution of products and publications at the international, national, state, and community levels.

Strategic Priorities

1. Advocacy - Identify, prioritize and implement NBD's policy advocacy agenda.

2. Practice Enhancement - Achieve economic viability and financial success for veterinarian and avian health care professionals while allowing them access to products that will meet the needs of all avian patients under their care.

3. Education – Develop and promote publications that will insure learning for veterinarians, pet & animal rescue facility managers, zoo curators, importers, breeders, hobbyists and pet owners that includes the integration of quality natural products and process improvement.


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